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    What it is Going to Take Empty What it is Going to Take

    Post  h1nk1llull6r on Fri Feb 04, 2011 8:42 pm

    Tryouts are a 2 week period. 3 criteria are assessed.

    1. Activity: You must post at least 3 times in the forums on different occasions over the tryout period. Clan leadership will monitor your participation during Clan Days over the course of your tryout. If this seems like too much, then the Legion may not be the clan for you. We are determined to break the ranks and find ourselves in a great place.

    2. Teamwork: We use many strategies that require players to take a position and stick to it. Be a position player, and use the buddy system when you play. Try to support your buddy, and move to take advantage when he supports you. Teamwork means field awareness when your buddy helps you assess safe zones that your teammates clear out; knowing who has a potent weapon and thus requires protection and feedback. It means communicating to your allies about everything of relevance, and keeping unimportant chatter to a minimum.

    3. Skill: You must be good enough to hold your own with any weapon against any of our best members. The difference between our best members and our worst members is not that much. You're expected to carry your own weight. This requirement is somewhat flexible if you are very active, have a lot of teamwork skills and have something of use that you can offer to the clan (graphic design, web design, video editing, etc). It is expected that you improve your skills as you play.

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